Aloha Fish Tours is sister company of Hawaiian Sealife, Inc.: founded by Richard Xie as sole owner and CEO in 1998. While the company developed, he and the company’s technical staff have become proficient, not only in the marketing and trade of marine ornamental species, but also in species classification, collection methods, husbandry, transportation as well as the design and maintenance of indoor and outdoor recirculation of marine ornamental systems, and educational programs with school marine biology departments and marine science travel tours. Hawaiian Sealife Inc. has been the pioneer investor in genetic and transgenic marine ornamental species research and farming in China. This pool of expertise has resulted in current operations; the import and export of Hawaiian and Pacific Island marine ornamental species for distribution through a national and international sales network encompassing 34 states and 27 countries. In addition to trading, HSL has also coordinated marine exhibitions, helped to develop and expand markets for public aquariums and zoos, and provided design and implementation services for large commercial holdings and exhibition systems. As the brainchild of Xie and as a sister company of HSL, Aloha Fish Tours’ mission is to give guests a unique behind-the-scenes factory tour of the aquarium industry to further knowledge and understanding of marine ecosystems and what can be done to protect the environment.